recipient address printing instructions

to start, you will either need to download the template or set up your excel or numbers file as seen in the image below. you must use either Excel or Numbers to submit your recipient addresses. any file received in any other format will not be usable - word documents or pdf files will not be accepted.

as seen below, plese list out your recipients name, address, city, state and zip code into separate columns on the same row. it is suggested that addresses should be fully typed out instead of using abbreviations (ie. "street" instead of "St." or "texas" instead of "TX").

we will send proofs of addresses upon request. if requested, your first 2 proofs are free, but each additional proof is $25.

please e-mail your completed form to

only files in .csv, .xlsx, .xls or .numbers format will be accepted.

click here to download the csv template