little hands 7' wrapping paper
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little hands 7' wrapping paper

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note: we will reach out to you if your artwork does not fall within our parameters. each line of artwork requires a $12 set-up fee, or $20 for us to keep the artwork on file. a line of artwork consists of a maximum of 5 words (limited to one name, one continuous 5-word sentence, etc). illustrations (a heart, a star, etc) require their own artwork fee that is separate from handwritten words.
please be sure all artwork is done with a dark ink pen on white or light paper. markers are preferred. when uploading you artwork, please scan your artwork in using a scanner or scanning app (Adobe San is our favorite!) or take a straight-on photo of the artwork to be used. 

with wrapping paper purchases, you will receive a complementary pattern-making service. adding a pattern-making fee is not required with the purchase of little hands wrapping paper.
 size 29.25" x 7'


lead time ships in 1-2 weeks